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We love our coffee and we love serving it to the community around us.  It's more than just enjoying a refreshment.  It's being part of something that links us all.


All of our coffees and teas are made with purified water. Our reverse osmosis system uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from the water leaving nothing to inhibit or taint the taste of our coffees or teas.  Some details about our products.  Espresso Espressos, cappuccinos, traditional macchiatos, cortados, americanos we are learning to do it all with our La Marzocca GB5. Our espresso blends of choice are Thaddeus and Night Cap (decaf) from Square One Coffee Roasters. Brewed Coffee We brew both Appalachian Coffee and Square One coffee. On Saturdays and during special events we also brew flavored blends. Teas We offer a wide selection of teas and our baristas can also make you a London Fog (earl grey tea, vanilla, steamed milk and lavender). Other Drinks Customer favorites are chai, hot chocolate and mocha javas. We also make cold brew, ice coffee, ice tea and Italian sodas. Flavors A wide selection of flavors are available to add to any drink: vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, peppermint, coconut, maple, and more.  Frozen Drinks Customer favorites are green tea matcha, Oreo cookie, vanilla, Wild Tribe Mocha. Smoothies – now with fresh fruit!  Strawberry, mango, peach, pine colada, apple, banana.

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